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PE bitumen tape

The PE bitumen tape can be applied for corrosion protection of oil, gas ,petrochemical, waste water underground or overhead pipelines and waterproofing. The specification of the polyethylene bitumen tape consists of three layers. The adhesive of the PE Modified Asphalt Tape is butyl rubber or butyl rubber base modified bitumen compound. The film backing of the PE adhesive bitumen tap is special blend of stabilized polyolefines. The interleaf of the Polyethylene bitumen tapes is anti-adhesive film treated with silicone. We also produced the double sided PE bitumen tapes for you to choose.The polyethylene bitumen tapes are easily applied with common pipe coatings and have excellent resistance to cathodic disbonding. At the same time , the Polyethylene bitumen tapes can be applied over a wide temperature range. If you have interest, welcome to contact us and we won’t make you disappointed.

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