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HLD T600M PE Butyl Rubber pipe wrapping tape

Pipe wrapping tape HLD T600-M

HLDT600M PE butyl Rubber tape for corrosion protection of Oil, Gas, Petrochemical,
Waste Water underground or overhead pipelines and waterproofing.

The specification of the tape consists of three layers,
Adhesive: Butyl rubber(BR)
Film backing: Special blend of stabilized polyolefines.
Interleaf: Anti-adhesive Film Treated with Silicone.


Heavy duty butyl rubber adhesive.

Excellent adhesion to pipe and self.

Flexibility provides extra protection at vulnerable areas.

Excellent conformability and consistent uniform thickness.

Easily applied with no special equipment.

Compatible with common pipe coatings.

Excellent resistance to cathodic disbonding.

Resistant to UV.

Can be applied over a wide temperature range.

Good conformability and consistent uniform thickness.

Cold applied.
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HLD T600M pipe wrapping tape

Technical Data Sheet:


Physical PropertiesTest MethodHLD-T600M
Total ThicknessASTM D 10001.75mm
Backing ThicknessASTM D 10000.15mm
Adhesive ThicknessASTM D 10001.60mm
Tensile StrengthASTM D 1000>30 N/cm( >17 lbs/in )
ElongationASTM D 1000>300%( >300% )
Peel strength to Primed Steel at
At 23 ºCASTM D 1000>2.5 N/mm( >274oz/in )
At 50 ºCASTM D 1000>0.5N/mm( >46 oz/in )
Adhesion to backing atASTM D 1000>0.8 N/mm( >77.7 oz/in )
Cathodic DisbondmentASTM G 88.0mm( 0.315 in radius )
Water Absorption RateASTM D 570<0.10%( <0.10% )
Water Vapor Transmission RateASTM F 1249<0.1 g/m2·24h( <0.0064g/100sqin/24h )
Insulation ResistanceASTM D 2572.5×1015 2.5 by 10 E 15 Mohm )
Dielectric StrengthASTM D 14928 KV( 28 KV )
Impact ResistanceASTM G 1415 N·m( 133 in·lbs )
Tape width in inches50mm(2"),101mm(4"),152mm(6"),228mm(9"),305mm(12"),457mm(18"),610mm(24"),750mm(29.5"),800mm(31.5"),1000mm(39")
Tape roll length in feet15m(50ft),25m(82ft),30m(98ft),50m(164ft),61m(200ft),100m(328ft),122m(400ft)
Core size76mm(3") core of paper or hard plastic
Application Temperature-34 ºC to +80 ºC( -29 ºF to 176 ºF )
Operating Temperature+80 ºC( 176 ºF )


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Address:  No.110, West Road of Jining Station,Shandong Province, 272000, China
Tel: +86-537-2596688
Fax: +86-537-2160638
Cell: +86-189-5378-6777
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