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PP pipe wrap tape

Do you learn about the polypropylene pipe wrap tape? The PP pipe wrap tape is a system that allows cathodic protection currents to reach any disbonded area that occurs on the pipeline. The Polypropylene Adhesive Tape is suitable for use with pipeline external surface temperatures not exceeding 145o F (63oC) and the coating of the polypropylene Anti corrosion Tapes is supplied in rolls for easy application by manual or power operated machines. Polypropylene pipe tape can also be applied manually, without machine. The PP pipe wrap tape is a non-shielding coating. This means that if the coating of the Polypropylene Adhesive Tape disbonds, cathodic protection currents will not be shielded, and will be able to reach water underneath the coating. The last but not least, the polypropylene Anti corrosion Tape provides uniform factory cont rolled thickness, compared to field applied liquid coatings. If you choose our Polypropylene pipe tapes,you won’t be disappointed.

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