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HLD T500 PP tape

The PP bitumen tape shall be applied after the Liquid adhesive by hand or with a wrapping machine.

The specification of the tape consists of three layers,
Adhesive layer: Butyl rubber Bituminous Compound
Backing : PP woven fabric cloth
Interleaf: Antiadhesive Film Treated with Silicone

_ Cold applied
_ Excellent self adhesion to pipe
_ Flexibility provides extra protection at vulnerable areas
_ Excellent conformability and consistent uniform thickness
_ Easily applied with no special equipment
_ Compatible with common pipe coatings
_ Excellent resistance to cathodic disbanding
  • T500
  • Honglida


ItemParameterStandards to follow
Base membrane materialPP mesh reinforced woven fiberPRC Petroleum/Natural gas industrial standard      
Steel piping PP adhesive tape
Standard for corrosion layer technology
Construction industrial standard Urban Gas Piping Corrosion Prevention Control Specification
American National Standard Association
American Hydraulic Society Standard ANSI/AWWA C209-00
National Association of Corrosion
Engineers standard
NACE MR0274-95
Base membrane colorBlack
Base membrane thickness0.30±0.05mm
Composition of corrosion layerbutyl rubber improved asphalt
Tape integral thickness spec1.1-1.8mm
Base membrane extension strength≥25Mpa
Peeling strength to painted steel≥45N/cm
Peeling strength to back strap≥25N/cm
Insulation voltage≥15KV
Bulk resistance rate (Ω · m)≥1×10¹²
Water absorption rate (%)≤0.2
Vapor infiltration rate (mg/24/h.cm2)≤0.45
Fungus resistanceGood
Bacterial resistanceGood
Each tape length20 or 25m
Tape width50,75,100,150,200,300 and 350mm
Storage temp.-20°C-+35°C
Operation temp.-5°C-+50°C
Use temp.-34°C-+75°C

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Address:  No.110, West Road of Jining Station,Shandong Province, 272000, China
Tel: +86-537-2596688
Fax: +86-537-2160638
Cell: +86-189-5378-6777
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