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PE Butyl rubber adhesive

This kind of the PE Butyl rubber adhesive has been made by a special processing of butyl rubber to P.E. The durability of the polyethylene Butyl rubber adhesive tapes is strong and electric corrosion can be prevented. The pipe can be semi-permanently preserved which has an excellent effect on its corrosion resistance by our butyl adhesive tape. The butyl adhesive tape has a permanent and continuous adhesion effect, this outstanding combination of butyl rubber adhesion and PE to make good weather resistance, outstanding electric and chemical characteristics and good work ability for ease in both manual and machine work. When you use the butyl rubber sealant tapes,you should thoroughly clean the surface of the pipe by removing all foreign material. The application temperature of the butyl rubber sealing tapes is -5°C ~ 71°C and the Service temperature of the PE Butyl rubber adhesive is -34°C ~ 85°C. If you have interest about the butyl rubber sealant tapes or butyl adhesive tapes ,welcome to contact us.

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