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pipeline heavy duty industrial PE double sided adhesive tape 

Biadhesive Pipe wrapping tape T400 is three ply polyethylene (PE) anti-corrosion
self-adhesive tape. It is cold applied coating systems for corrosion protection of pipelines
operating in highly corrosive environments and exposed to high mechanical stresses.
The Biadhesive Pipe wrapping tape T400 is engineered to assure a high bond to the primed
surface with excellent conformability characteristics. Similar to Polyken 942/955, this system is
recommended for the coating of the joints with other mainline coatings.

  • HLD T400
  • HLD

The Biadhesive Pipe wrapping tape T400 is manufactured in 30mil, 32mil, 40mil, 43mil

 thickness. Standard color is Black.


The Biadhesive Pipe wrapping tape T400 ensures an easy and fast coating application. It is

 “cold” applied under prevailing environment temperatures of the products and surface, no need 

extra heat. Release Liner should be discarded during application.


The Biadhesive Pipe wrapping tape T400 produces a strong cohesive bond to the primed 

steel surface, at the spiral overlap and to the mechanical outer layer. Its fully amalgamating 

overlapping areas forms a sleeve-type coating.


The Biadhesive Pipe wrapping tape T400 ensures a long time performance of coating, thanks 

to the high electrical and chemical resistance to both acids and alkalis attacks and thanks to its 

properties of high strong resistance to the cathodic disbondment.


The Biadhesive Pipe wrapping tape T400 ensures a high economical advantage because

 they match the highest productivity with very low investment and produce a minimum waste. It is 

compatible with generic plant coating systems thus saving store cost.

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